Make your Systems Work Together

Success Stories

The World’s Largest Peace Support Training Event

The Viking Exercise series is the world’s premier training exercise that uses the Comprehensive Approach. The exercises are Sweden/US led and involves more than 30 nations. More than 2500 persons are generally involved, most of them staff being trained at different levels. The scenario circles around a Peace and Crisis Response operation according to the United Nations Chapter VII. The training audience are using their real command and control systems, which are stimulated by simulations.
Pitch has several times been responsible for the simulation infrastructure running as backbone for the Exercise. Using Open standards for interoperability and Pitch products, 9 different sites in different countries are connected.

Docking the Space Station

When the ATV-2 control crew of ISS were to train a docking to the space station, the training was done distributed between teams located in Bremen, Toulouse and Moscow. HLA and Pitch products was used to create the simulation infrastructure for this. After the training was done, the successful real docking with ISS was on 24th of February 2011.

The Swedish Air Combat Simulation Centre

Pitch helped the The Swedish Air Combat Simulation Centre FLSC to replace their previous proprietary infrastructure with the an open standard; HLA – and Pitch infrastructure products. This important step provides the possibility for them to add other joint elements from e.g Navy, Army etc, whereas they before were locked into the flight domain. The training site uses the full range of Pitch products in their everyday work with success, having 8 flight simulators persistently connected.

The NATO Education and Training Network

NATO MSG (Modeling and Simulation Groups) develops the new NATO training architecture. Being a large international organisation, distributed training is key for cost efficiency. HLA and simulation infrastructure products from Pitch has enabled this.
Pitch has helped the NATO MSG to create the infrastructure for their distributed simulation, enabling training systems and games from many countries to be persistently connected. Fact is, that never before has so many COTS simulators for training been connected to one federation.

Simulations for the NH90 Helicopter

NH90 is the new European midsized, twin-engine, multi-role helicopter. HLA Evolved was a firm requirement for the NH90 crew tactical trainer, which contains a Medium Range Training Device and a Full Mission Flight Simulator. The Simulator project selected the state of the art HLA products from Pitch; Visual OMT, Pitch Developer Studio and Pitch pRTI to make this happen

Developing Air Traffic Management Procedures

As Europe is opening up the common Airspace within the EU, the ATM organisation Eurocontrol is in responsible for making sure all is done with safety in focus. The simulation project “Single European Sky” is the tool for achieving this.

The project uses simulation to develop, evaluate and train new procedures for air traffic management related to the new regulations that follows the opened airspace.
Pitch has been providing HLA infrastructure products, support and training throughout the project. Next upcoming step will involve Pitch Booster to distribute the simulation between different ATM sites in Europe.

Door Gunner Prototype

The Helicopter Door Gunner Trainer prototype is the result from a study for the Swedish Air Force. The trainer uses a modular approach and an infrastructure built on Open International and NATO Standards connecting COTS/GOTS HW & SW including VBS3. It demonstrates that cost effective training solutions taking advantage of gaming/entertainment technology and re-use can be achieved to low life cycle costs. The open architecture allows for cost effective and continuous improvements over the life-time by a very low effort to continuously upgrade the included components.